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Gerry Adams has been President of Sinn Fein since 1983. In 1987 he was instrumental in launching the party's current peace strategy with the publication of the discussion document Scenario for Peace. This was followed in 1992 with the document, Towards a Lasting Peace in Ireland. In 1993 it emerged that Gerry Adams had been holding a series of meetings with the leader of the SDLP, John Hume. From these meetings both leaders agreed a joint position which was to become the Irish Peace Initiative. Throughout the peace process he has worked side by side with Martin McGuinness and the Sinn Fein Leadership to advance the process and in our reach out to unionism. He is centrally involved in the ongoing development of the party as a radical alternative in Irish society. He has traveled internationally to advance the peace process particularly in the United States. He has also campaigned on issues of human rights and justice, including the demand for the cancellation of world debt. A member of PEN, the international guild of writers, Gerry Adams has published several books, including: A Pathway to Peace, The Politics of Irish Freedom and Selected Writings, his autobiography Before the Dawn, and An Irish Voice. His most recent book is Hope and History, Making Peace in Ireland.

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A United Ireland: How Do We Get There?

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