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Darius Rejali, Professor and Chair of Political Science at Reed College, is a nationally recognized expert on government torture and interrogation. Iranian-born, Rejali has spent his scholarly career reflecting on violence, specifically, reflecting on the causes, consequences, and meaning of modern torture in our world.

His work spans concerns in political science, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, history, and critical social theory. He is a 2003 Carnegie Scholar, recognized for his innovative approaches to the study of violence.

Torture and Democracy (2007) is Rejali's most recent book. It is an unrelenting examination of the use of torture by democracies in the 20th century. It won the 2007 Human Rights Book of the Year Award from the American Political Science Association. The book has been praised in the Financial Times, Harper's, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Daily Telegraph.

It has placed Rejali in the international media spotlight, positioning him among the world's preeminent scholars on torture. He has been interviewed widely, from Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! to David Frost on Al Jazeera, from the BBC to the Washington Post. He was invited to give the 2009 Human Rights Distinguished Lecture at Harvard University.

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Torture and Democracy: What Now?

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