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Robotics legend Rodney Brooks cofounded iRobot Corporation—maker of the Roomba and the military PackBot—serving as CTO for nearly two decades. His latest venture, Rethink Robotics, aims to make robots ubiquitous in the workplace, with low-cost, easy-to-train droids that can work right alongside humans on the shop floor. The company’s first industrial bot, named Baxter, was recognized as one of the breakthrough inventions of 2013 by Technology Review. Born and raised in Australia, Brooks began his career as a research scientist at Carnegie Mellon and later taught at Stanford. In 1984 he joined the faculty of MIT, where he became the Panasonic Professor of Robotics and directed the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory from 1997 until 2007. Brooks costarred in the 1997 Errol Morris film Fast, Cheap & Out of Control—named after one of his scientific papers.

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Rodney Brooks: Remaking Manufacturing With Robotics

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