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Ute Hofmeister is the Forensic Advisor at the Assistance Division of the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross), based in Geneva. Since 1995 she has worked internationally as forensic specialist for international organizations and for local teams in a variety of contexts - mainly in Latin America and the Balkans - in the field of human rights and humanitarian applications of forensic anthropology, before joining the ICRC in 2005.

Ute Hofmeister has specialized in forensic archaeology, documentation and management of forensic data. She has developed data management applications for forensic anthropology and investigations into Missing Person for the EAAF (Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team) and ICMP (International Commission on Missing Persons).

Among other things, she is currently responsible for the ICRC's data management tool for forensic investigations and human identification especially for post conflict and developing country contexts.

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Forensic Investigations and New Methods and Technologies

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