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Luis Fondebrider is an Argentine forensic anthropologist, co-founder and current president of the the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF), an international human rights organization founded in 1984 with headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina and a span of work across 40 countries.

Through the application of forensic anthropology and archaeology, genetics, and related sciences, and in collaboration with victims' relatives and investigative bodies, EAAF sheds light human rights violations, thus contributing to the search for truth, justice, reparation, and prevention of further violations. Team members serve as expert witnesses, technical consultants, and train forensic experts to continue work in their own countries.

Luis specializes in the historical investigation of cases of political violence, archaeological exhumation of individual and mass graves, and analysis of human remains in order to identify them and to help to establish the cause of death.

In addition, he also teaches forensic anthropology at the annual course of Legal Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires.

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Forensic Investigations and New Methods and Technologies

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