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Eric Volz is an American who was falsely accused and ultimately convicted to a 30 year sentence for rape and murder in Nicaragua in Nov 2006. From, a website created in his mother’s living room, a phenomenal world-wide movement emerged that brought together the international community in support of human rights by leveraging the social networking tools of the web to create solidarity and fight for justice. The growth of this community not only sustained Volz in jail but eventually caught the attention of international headlines, pressuring the highest levels of both the US and Nicaraguan governments to resolve the matter and bringing about his release from prison in late December 2007. Volz is now working to launch a SOS Strategy Center designed to assist primarily (but not limited to) citizens of the United States and Puerto Rico who find themselves in trouble abroad. Specific to the work of the SOS Strategy Center are cases that have political undertones, which complicate the ability to secure a fair trial and due process.

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Human Rights On and Off the Internet: Social Networking

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