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Rob Clowes is a founder member and the chairman of the Brighton Salon: a serious but fun discussion forum based in Brighton. The Brighton Salon, modeled on the Salons of the 18th Century, has been organizing cultural activities, especially its monthly meetings in Brighton since the summer 2006. In his professional life Rob teaches and conducts research into core issues in the philosophy of cognitive science at the University of Sussex where he holds the posts of Visiting Research Fellow and Teaching Fellow. He is a member of the Centre for Research in Cognitive Science (COGS) which is an inderdisciplinary centre focused on the nature of cognition. Here he works on the nature and material basis of consciousness, the use of simulation in the study of mind, the role of language in mind and most recently he has been working on the relationship between cognition and technology through a number or prisms but with special regard to the growth of social networking technologies.

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Nuclear Fusion and the Future of Energy

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