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Bestselling author and editor, David Elliot Cohen has written or co-authored more than seventy large-format illustrated books -- many with Rick Smolan -- that have collectively sold more than 5 million copies. Most were in the hugely popular Day in the Life or America 24/7 photography book series co-founded by Cohen and Smolan. Four of Cohen's books -- A Day in the Life of America, A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union, Christmas in America and America 24/7 -- have been New York Times bestsellers. Many others have been national bestsellers in the US and abroad, including A Day in the Life of Canada and A Day in the Life of Spain. Cohen also authored a popular travelogue, One Year Off, in 1999. Recent works include Cohen's America 24/7 Project (2003-2005) was the largest documentary photography project in history. Participants included 25,000 digital photographers including 4,000 professionals from all fifty states. The project produced 53 illustrated books -- a national book, books for all 50 states plus Dogs 24/7 and Cats 24/7. The America 24/7 Project also launched 24/7 Media's groundbreaking "Custom Cover" technology. Introduced on the Oprah Winfrey Show and featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Today Show, Custom Cover technology has allowed more than 80,000 buyers to put their own digital pictures on the cover of 24/7 books. In 2002, Cohen's A Day in the Life of Africa project deployed 95 photojournalists from 23 countries throughout the African continent. In a single 24-hour span, these photojournalists shot more than 50,000 images and 100 hours of videos depicting Africa's vibrant people, landscape and culture. All publishing profits from A Day in the Life of Africa were donated to AIDS education programs for Africa.

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David Cohen: Changing the World One Photo at a Time

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