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Jo Glanville was appointed editor of Index on Censorship in December 2006. Her first issue "What New Labour did for free speech" appeared in May 2007. She was previously a current affairs producer at the BBC for eight years. She has a particular interest in the Middle East and edited a well-received anthology of short stories by Palestinian women writers (Qissat, Telegram/Saqi Books 2006). Her documentaries for the BBC on the region include Return to Sabra and Shatila (marking the 20th anniversary of the massacre), Inside the Foreign Office (a series made with Ed Stourton in 2003) and A Thousand and One (a series about the influence of The Arabian Nights on western culture presented by Robert Irwin). She has also made a number of history programmes including Drancy: story of a housing state (about the deportation of French Jews during the war) and presented a documentary exploring how a million young men vanished from the population in the last British census Where have all the young men gone? She has worked as a news producer for the Today programme BBC Radio 4 and for the World Service. In 2006, she was co-producer on the highly acclaimed three-part BBC2 series Suez: a very British crisis which was broadcast last autumn. She has contributed to many publications including the Guardian, New Statesman, Prospect, the Observer and the Independent. She was born in London and educated at Oxford and the School of Oriental and African Studies.

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