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Kirk Leech is a freelance journalist and researcher. For many years, Kirk’s energies were devoted to revolutionary politics in the UK. He was the National Organiser for the Irish Freedom Movement, a solidarity campaign that supported Irish national self determination, seeking to win British workers to the cause of Irish Freedom. Latterly his interests have expanded to issues in the developing world, having travelled and researched in Brazil, Ghana and India with the international educational NGO WORLDwrite. He is currently undertaking postgraduate research in development and environment at King’s College London on the impact of global environmental concerns on state sovereignty. He is a regular contributor to spiked and the Guardian’s Comment is Free. Kirk has written extensively on development and environmental issues. Kirk is currently employed as Project Manager for the Research Defence Society (RDS). RDS represents UK medical researchers in public debates about the use of animals in medical research.

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Battle of Ideas: Eco-imperialism?

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