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Duncan Hewitt is a former BBC China correspondent who currently writes for Newsweek and other publications from Shanghai, focusing on Chinese society, media and culture. Born in 1966, he first lived in China from 1986-7, while studying for a degree in Chinese at Edinburgh University. He later worked as a literary translator and editor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, before joining the BBC World Service. He was BBC Beijing correspondent from 1997-2000, and, from 2000-2002, the BBC's first Shanghai correspondent. His book Getting Rich First: Life in a Changing China was published by Chatto and Windus and is available in Vintage Paperback. It focuses on how Deng Xiaoping's decision to allow some people and regions to get wealthier than others, in order to help China develop economically, meant new opportunities for many but also spelled the end of traditional socialism, and paved the way for the startling changes which have turned much of China's society and its values on its head since the early 1990s.

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Battle of Ideas: What is China Thinking?

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