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Alan Hudson is director, leadership programs for China, University of Oxford, a university lecturer in Sociology at the University of Oxford, a fellow of Kellogg College, Oxford and of the Royal Society of Arts. He was, until 2003, the Director of Social and Political Science at the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education, teaching courses on the Politics and Government of the United Kingdom and the European Union, Social Policy and Research Methodologies, and Political Ideologies. More recently he has conducted qualitative research on employer strategies for recruitment, training and promotion in the IT and retail sectors. Present work includes an investigation of changing models of lifelong learning. The first results will be presented at the Higher Education Academy (C-SAP) conference in November 2008. In the last year he has lectured in Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou and Chengdu and in the UK on issues such as the role of the market in public sector reform and models of public policy in post-war Britain. In the near future he will begin work on two comparative projects between the UK and China: the first is on the emergence and role of the knowledge or creative economy; the second is on the possibilities for the transfer of administrative processes, best practice and institutional forms from the UK to China.

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Battle of Ideas: What is China Thinking?

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