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Kate Crawford is a writer, composer and academic based in Sydney, Australia. Her most recent book, Adult Themes, is released in Australia through Pan Macmillan. On Dec 8th, 2006, Adult Themes won the individual category of the Manning Clark House National Cultural Awards. The judges wrote that "Adult Themes significantly raises the standards of debate on the crucial issue of inter-generational relations with grace, humour, engaging prose and rigorous scholarship. It is a landmark contribution to Australian cultural life." Kate is an Associate Professor in the newly formed Journalism and Media Research Centre at the University of New South Wales. The research centre is headed up by Professor Catharine Lumby, with Professor Gerard Goggin as deputy director. Kate's research focuses on social change and digital cultures, with a particular interest in mobile media. Prior to her life as an academic, she spent a number of years working as a journalist in both Australia and the US, including The Sydney Morning Herald. Kate is also well-known as an electronic musician and composer, having performed in groups such as B(if)tek, Clone and Terry Nation. She is a co-founder of a new independent record label, Deluxe Mood Recordings, and a long-time contributor to Clan Analogue, the Australian electronic artists' collective. Click here for more on her audio work.

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