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Michelle Nunn is the co-founder and CEO of Hands On Network. Nunn is the founding director of Hands On Atlanta, a nonprofit organization that helps individuals, families, corporations, and community groups find flexible volunteer opportunities at more than 400 service organizations and schools. Hands On Atlanta now has 25,000 volunteers who work every day of the year building community and meeting critical needs in schools, parks, senior homes, food banks, pet shelters, low-income neighborhoods, and more. Under her leadership, the organization has grown from a grassroots startup in 1989 to one of the nation's largest community-based volunteer organizations.

2 Programs

ServiceNation: The Wisdom of Experience

09.12.08 | 00:54:04 min | 0 comments

ServiceNation Panel: Creating a Service Nation

09.11.08 | 00:56:25 min | 1 comment