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Jackie Calmes joined The New York Times as a national correspondent in August 2008. Previously she had been chief political correspondent for The Wall Street Journal's Washington bureau. During her 18 years at The Wall Street Journal, Calmes covered the White House and Congress, focusing mostly on budget and tax legislation, and also reported on congressional and presidential election campaigns as well as issues confronting state and local governments. From mid-1997 to mid-1999, she was one of the Journal's two White House correspondents, and in 1999-2000, she covered national politics and the Bush campaign. After the 2000 presidential recount, she covered election reform and politics, and in June 2001, she became a news editor for the Journal's "Politics and Policy" page, and took over as writer and a reporter of the well-known "Washington Wire" column in Friday's Journal. She returned to full-time reporting in late 2002, and through 2004 was again a White House correspondent. In May 2005, Ms. Calmes was awarded the Gerald R. Ford Journalism Prize for Reporting on the Presidency.

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McCain or Obama Presidency, How Would They Govern?

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