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David Lauter first joined the LA Times 21 years ago as a reporter in the Washington bureau. He covered the 1988 and 1992 presidential campaigns and the White House under the elder George Bush and Bill Clinton and also reported for the Times from Czechoslovakia and Romania after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 1995, he moved to Los Angeles for his first stint as an editor, running the coverage of the 1996 presidential campaign. Since then, he has served as the paper's Specialist editor, overseeing coverage of science, medicine, the environment, education and legal affairs; deputy metro editor, where he ran coverage of the 2003 recall election and helped direct coverage of that fall's wildfires for which the paper won the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news; and deputy foreign editor, where a major part of his work involved overseeing the paper's Baghdad bureau. In October, he became California editor, running the Times' largest department and directing coverage of the city, the region and the state.

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The Crisis at the LA Times

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