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Maya Enista is chief executive officer at, and has worked in both the Washington, D.C., and California offices as the chief operating officer. She has been active in public service since she was an undergraduate at Rutgers University, focusing mainly on voter empowerment and youth civic engagement. She served as the East Coast coordinator for Rock The Vote at age 17, a position in which she registered over 30,000 young people. Through her work with Rock The Vote, she was awarded the first ever Rock The Vote "Rockin' The Streets" award. She served as national field director for the Hip Hop Civic Engagement Project, a project that grew out of the successful National Hip Hop Political Convention in Newark, New Jersey. She organized a thirteen-state campaign that registered over 300,000 new voters in the "hip hop generation." She worked with The Center for Civic Responsibility as an empowerment civics coordinator, facilitating trainings for New Jersey residents to teach them about their rights to access power within their local government, and worked to organize the first Citizen’s Campaign Convention in June of 2004 at Rutgers University, with over 200 attendees. In addition to her work with, she serves on the steering committee for the November 5th Coalition,.an all-partisan alliance committed to civic partnerships that address our democracy's biggest challenges. (The coalition is named for the day after the election in 2008, when a new chapter of America's civic history begins.) She also runs the 2100 Fund (originally founded by Atlas Service Corps Founder Scott Beale, and now a project of, which throws "parties with a purpose" and raises money for diverse youth civic engagement campaigns throughout the country.

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The Youth Vote and the 2008 Election

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