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Kathy Marks, Asia-Pacific correspondent for the UK's Independent, was one of only six journalists to be permitted to live on Pitcairn Island during the Pitcairn rape trials. A small, remote island in the South Pacific, and home to the descendants of Bounty mutineer Fletcher Christian, Pitcairn became the center of attention for the world's media after allegations of rape surfaced in 2000. While reporting on the ensuing trials, Marks witnessed first-hand life on the island. In her recent book Pitcairn: Paradise Lost, Marks follows the legal and human saga through to its conclusion in 2007. She has described the Pitcairn experience as one of the most riveting of her career.

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Kathy Marks: Pitcairn Lost

05.24.08 | 01:04:01 min | 2 comments