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Stephen Haseler is a member of the department since 1968, he was given a personal chair (professorship) in 1986. His teaching specialisms are: British politics; the UK Constitution; and European defense. He is one of the foremost authorities on the British monarchy and regularly appears on national television and writes columns for national newspapers on this subject. He has a long record of political involvement, having served on the Greater London Council in the 1970s, helped to form the Social Democratic Party in 1981, and is presently a leading advocate of a British republic. He has a large publication record, including The Gaitskellites (1969), The Death of British Democracy (1976), The Tragedy of Labor (1981), Thatcher and the New Radicalism (1989), The End of the House of Windsor (1993), and The English Tribe: Identity, Nation and the New Europe (1996). He has taught at Georgetown University and George Mason University, and holds a Visiting Professorship at the University of Maryland-Baltimore. He is presently writing a book on European defence in the post-Cold War era.

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