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Terence Smith is an award-winning journalist who has been a political reporter, foreign correspondent, editor, and television analyst. For almost a decade he led the media unit at the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer on PBS as its senior producer and media correspondent, and he now serves as a special correspondent. Before that he worked for CBS News in Washington and spent 20 years with The New York Times, including eight years abroad in the Middle East and Far East. He also served as the paper's assistant foreign editor and deputy metropolitan editor and as its diplomatic correspondent and chief White House correspondent.

3 Programs

Media and the Campaign (3 of 4)

07.02.08 | 00:07:11 min | 0 comments

Media and the Campaign (4 of 4)

07.02.08 | 00:08:05 min | 0 comments

Ideas Festival: Huffington and Others on the Campaign

07.02.08 | 00:05:43 min | 0 comments