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Arvind Panagariya is the Jagdish Bhagwati Professor of Indian Political Economy and professor of economics at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. A leading authority on the economy of India, he has been the chief economist of the Asian Development Bank and has also work with the world Bank, IMF, WTO, and UNCTAD. He holds a PhD in Economics from Princeton. According to Fareed Zakaria (editor of Newsweek International), Professor Panagariya has written "the definitive book on the Indian economy," in which he "puts to rest myths and settles debates with balance and fairness."

8 Programs

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The Rise of Services in India's Economic Transformation

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India in the Global Economy: The Next Fifteen Years

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India's Public Policy and Reforms in Healthcare

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Indian Reforms and Entrepreneurship Among Disadvantaged

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India Reforms, Poverty and Inequality Among Disadvantaged

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Defining the Evolving Politics of Change in India

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Arvind Panagariya - India: The Emerging Giant

05.21.08 | 01:10:29 min | 0 comments
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