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Thaisa Frank's short stories have received two PEN awards, and her two most recent collections SLEEPING IN VELVET, 1998, and A BRIEF HISTORY OF CAMOUFLAGE, 1992) have been on the Bestseller List of the San Francisco Chronicle. A BRIEF HISTORY OF CAMOUFLAGE was included in Dalton's New Voices. Both have been nominated for the Bay Area Book Reviewer's Association Award. In addition to collections of short fiction Thaisa Frank's work has appeared in numerous anthologies, among the most recent of which is the Polish anthology ROZNE KSZTALTY MILOSCI and Harper/Collins READER'S CHOICE.

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Thaisa Frank Discussing "Heidegger's Glasses"

10.13.13 | 00:49:21 min | 0 comments

Ellen Sussman - A Literary Encyclopedia of Sex

06.13.08 | 00:41:00 min | 0 comments