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Salter is the Head of WWF Hong Kong's Climate Programme. Established in September 2006, the Programme focuses on supporting individuals, corporations, and the financial sector in Hong Kong and southern China to take concrete action on climate change. From 1999-2006, Liam initiated and directed WWF International's Asia Pacific Climate Programme, building a team of campaigners across the region. Between 2001 and 2006, WWF set up ten new national programs focusing on climate and energy issues, and became the largest NGO network on the issue in Asia. At the national level, Liam worked on a wide variety of initiatives, covering issues such as policy reform, carbon trading, private sector capacity building, clean energy trade promotion, international UN negotiations, the impacts of climate change and public awareness raising. Liam also co-led a team that developed the Gold Standard for carbon offsets, now an independent foundation and a leading quality standard for project-based carbon credits. Prior to joining WWF, Liam worked as a political analyst for the Climate Action Network, representing nearly eighty European environmental groups in Brussels. He holds a Masters of Science in Environmental Technology from Imperial College, London.

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Workshop: Carbon Trading and World Financial Centers

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