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Gail Kendall is Managing Director of the CLP Research Institute (CLPRI) and serves as Director of the Group Environmental Affairs in CLP Holdings Limited. She manages environmental issues for the entire scope of CLP Group's activities and also directs innovative and environmentally beneficial technology research related to business and activities of CLP Group. The company is a leader in the Hong Kong power sector, as well as throughout greater China and Southeast Asia, in promoting renewable energy and addressing climate change. Ms. Kendall is a fellow of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and received an Honorary Fellowship in the Energy Institute. Before joining CLP, she held a number of other positions, including professor of the practice of mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Director of Strategic Science and Technology for the Electric Power Research Institute and Chair of the Hearing Board of the (San Francisco) Bay Area Air Quality Management District. She is active in a variety of business and professional organizations in Hong Kong and internationally, has published numerous scientific and technical papers, and is frequently invited as a guest speaker at energy and environmental events. She holds a doctorate from MIT, and bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of California at Berkeley.

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Workshop: Carbon Trading and World Financial Centers

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