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As President of the Economic Policy Institute, Lawrence Mishel is a nationally recognized economist. He has researched, written and spoken widely on the economy and economic policy as it affects middle- and low-income families. His areas of expertise include income distribution and poverty, labor markets, industrial relations, technology and productivity, education, wages, unions and collective bargaining. Mishel is regularly called on to testify and provide economic briefings to members of Congress and appears regularly as a commentator on the economy in print and broadcast media.

He is principal author of a major research volume, The State of Working America, which provides a comprehensive overview of the U.S. labor market and living standards. His is now dedicated to sounding the alarm about the high and persistent unemployment ahead, its damaging impact on many communities and the need to generate more jobs and provide assistance to families so they can weather this storm.

3 Programs

The Backlash: Zuccotti Park and Beyond

10.26.10 | 00:37:54 min | 0 comments

Lawrence Mishel: What the Economy Needs Now

09.08.09 | 00:19:54 min | 2 comments

It’s the Economic Recovery Plan, Stupid

05.22.08 | 01:30:51 min | 0 comments