Speaker - Michael Schnuerle

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Michael Schnuerle is founder and CEO of YourMapper. Michael has over 14 years of career experience in the internet field and has had a passion for maps ever since his first bedroom was covered in nautical wallpaper. His web background runs the gamut from programming, user interface design, graphic design, information architecture, project management, and product management. Michael has worked and lived in Australia, Paris, Edinburgh, San Francisco, Lexington, and he currently resides in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

3 Programs

Enacting Change: Philanthropy and Internet Technology

05.28.08 | 00:59:29 min | 0 comments

NetSquared: Social Actions, Your Mapper, Rosetta

05.28.08 | 00:47:24 min | 0 comments

Web Applications Tackle Social and Global Issues

05.28.08 | 00:39:41 min | 0 comments