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George Negus has made an enormous contribution to the Australian news landscape as founding presenter of 60 Minutes (1979-86) and Foreign Correspondent (1992-99). He also hosted the live-to-air Australia Talks series, where debates were held around national issues prior to the 2001 Federal election. George’s trademark laid-back Aussie style continued as he fronted a prime time trends and issues program on the ABC called, appropriately, George Negus Tonight (2003-4). These days, his penchant for stirring the conversational pot flows through to his role on Dateline. In his career, George Negus has amassed an extraordinary list of interviewees and profiles. He’s interviewed many Australian Prime Ministers, politicians, and newsmakers from around the globe and national icons including Cathy Freeman and Paul Hogan. In his incisive tracking of both the Middle East and Northern Ireland conflicts, he has spoken to world leaders and international peace-brokers. Negus' passion for international affairs has also found expression in two recent books, The World From Italy (2001) and The World From Islam (2003). His talent for communicating global issues to an Australian audience is confirmed by the fact that both publications have become bestsellers.

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Fundamental Facts of Islam, Terrorism, and Democracy

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