Speaker - Isaac Holeman

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Isaac Holeman is co-founder and head of Business and Communications for Squarepeg. Isaac is interested in social entrepreneurship, anthropology, and medicine. He prefers small, sustainable solutions rather than big, fat band-aids, and thinks that we can understand many prevailing social problems by elucidating the perspective of those who suffer most. When not busy with Squarepeg, he works with the Archimedes Movement, a healthcare reform effort. He studies Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Lewis & Clark College and plans to go to medical school. Holeman traces his roots as an activist back to the small town in Oregon where he grew up as a jock/choir boy, and the small town in Holland where he spent a year as an exchange student with AFS.

2 Programs

Enacting Change: Philanthropy and Internet Technology

05.28.08 | 00:59:29 min | 0 comments

NetSquared Conference: Maplight, Assetmap, and Squarepeg

05.27.08 | 00:57:05 min | 0 comments