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Lieve Joris, who was born in Belgium, is one of Europe's leading travel writers. She has written an award-winning book on Hungary, De melancholieke revolutie (The Melancholy Revolution, 1990), and has published widely acclaimed reports of her journeys in the Middle East and Africa, notably the Congo. Her books about the Middle East include De Golf (The Gulf, 1986) and De poorten van Damascus (The Gates of Damascus, 1993). About the Congo, she has written three books: Terug naar Kongo (Back to the Congo, 1987), Dans van de luipaard (The Leopard's Dance, 2001) and Het uur van de rebellen (The Rebels' Hour, 2006). The account of her travels through Senegal, Mauretania and Mali, Mali Blues (1996), gained Joris the Belgian triennial award for Flemish prose (1999) and the French 'Prix de l'Astrolabe.'

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Lieve Joris and the Congo of The Rebels’ Hour

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