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Steve Diller, who heads Cheskin Experience Design Studio, has more than 20 years of marketing research and consulting experience. He is responsible for driving Cheskin product innovation and media content practices. Diller serves clients as an "experience strategist," believing that the most effective way for companies to deepen relationships with their customers is through the development of meaningful experiences. Such experiences create the cornerstone of effective brand and product innovation, during an era of rapid technological and market change. Diller's impressive roster of clients includes Lexmark, the Washington Post, Famous Footwear, Microsoft, and Weight Watchers. He has also contributed to numerous books, including The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook, The Principles of Trust, and Newspaper Brand Development. Steve Diller also co-owns a film production company and has produced and directed several feature films.

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Conscious Capitalism: Part Two

05.13.08 | 01:16:15 min | 2 comments