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Gibril Faal is a multidisciplinary practitioner with an eclectic professional background. He has led projects and written papers on a wide range of political economy, business management and international development themes. He has been a management consultant, business adviser and University lecturer for over 15 years working on private, public and charitable sector development. In the past 5 years, whilst on a Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)-funded project, he was one of the pioneers of social enterprise business support delivery in the UK. He is a Director at GK Partners, a UK-based consultancy specialising on: multiple bottom line business planning & development; corporate responsibility & governance; and implementing social enterprise & ethical business models. In June 2006, he was appointed to undertake the independent impact evaluation of University of Oxford's Centre for Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS). He is the founder of RemitAid - the programme for "Remittance Tax Relief for International Development." He is also the Chairman of the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD), a UK-based charity which works to extend and enhance the role Diasporas play in African development.

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Debate: This House Would Let in Fewer Immigrants

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