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Howard Fineman is Newsweek's senior Washington Correspondent and columnist, senior editor and deputy Washington Bureau Chief. He is also the author of Living Politics, a column that began and continues on and and is now featured in the print magazine. An award-winning writer, Fineman also is an NBC News Analyst, contributing reports to the network and its cable affiliates. The author of scores of Newsweek cover stories, Fineman's work has also appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post and The New Republic.

4 Programs

Media and the Campaign (3 of 4)

07.02.08 | 00:07:11 min | 0 comments

Media and the Campaign (4 of 4)

07.02.08 | 00:08:05 min | 0 comments

Ideas Festival: Huffington and Others on the Campaign

07.02.08 | 00:05:43 min | 0 comments

Howard Fineman: The Thirteen American Arguments

04.28.08 | 01:06:42 min | 0 comments