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John Hardress Wilfred Lloyd is a British comedy writer and television producer. Lloyd was born in Dover and educated at West Hill Park School (Titchfield, Hants), The King's School, Canterbury and Trinity College (Cambridge). Here he befriended, and later shared a flat with Douglas Adams. He then worked as radio producer at the BBC 1974-1978 and created The News Quiz, and The News Huddlines. He co-wrote the fifth and sixth episodes of the first radio series of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with creator Douglas Adams (who wrote all the rest solo), and was involved in the TV series as Associate Producer. He also wrote Hordes of the Things (as J. H. W. Lloyd) with Andrew ("A. P. R.") Marshall. He worked as a TV producer at both the BBC and ITV 1979-1989 and created Not the Nine O'Clock News and Spitting Image; he also produced all four Blackadder series. He also coauthored two episodes of Doctor Snuggles with Douglas Adams.

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Aphorisms: Personal Perspectives

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