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Christiane Amanpour is CNN’s chief international correspondent based in London. Amanpour has reported on most crises from the world’s many news hotspots, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Somalia, Rwanda and the Balkans. Her assignments have ranged from exclusive interviews with world leaders to reporting on the human consequences of natural disasters or covering events from the heart of war zones. She has received wide acclaim and numerous awards for her work, particularly for her extensive coverage of conflicts in the Balkans, Africa and the Middle East.

3 Programs

Egypt Rising: From Pharaohs to Facebook

02.01.09 | 00:26:46 min | 3 comments

A Conversation with Gordon Brown

01.31.09 | 00:26:35 min | 3 comments

Cohen-Nunn Dialogues: America’s Role in the World

03.12.08 | 01:28:51 min | 2 comments