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Christina Kahrl is one of the co-founders of Baseball Prospectus. She is currently the managing editor of the think tank's website,, as well as their annual publication. She has co-edited several of the Baseball Prospectus annual books of forecasts and analysis and has been involved in the writing of every edition since the first in 1996 (for a list see Baseball Prospectus). Kahrl writes a bi-weekly column entitled "Transaction Analysis" listing and analyzing the transactions by all Major League Baseball teams for the site. She has also written for,, the New York Sun,, Slate, Playboy, and the Washington Blade, and is an associate editor of The ESPN Pro Football Encyclopedia. She is also the former Acquisitions Editor of Brassey's Sports, a mid-list publisher that focused on sports history and analysis. Kahrl concentrated in history in earning her AB at the University of Chicago (1990) and her MA at Loyola University Chicago and now resides in Chicago, Illinois.

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