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Dodge Billingsley began covering war in 1993, eventually founding Combat Films and Research in 1997. Billingsley has since spent much of his time documenting numerous global hotspots including Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Western China, and Iraq, splitting his time between producing documentaries, writing, and lecturing. Beyond the Border is a series of six films of international scope that he produced for the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies at Brigham Young University. They began airing in fall 2004 and in spring 2005 ( In 2003, he was a finalist for the prestigious Rory Peck award for Best Feature, for his film Virgin Soldiers, which follows a squad of Marines from their base in southern California to the end of combat operations in Baghdad. In 2002, his film House of War won the Rory Peck award and the Royal Television Society award for Best Feature, documenting the battle for Qala Jangi fortress in Afghanistan, where he was one of a few foreigners on hand at the prisoner revolt that took the life of CIA agent Mike Spann. Months later he was also among the few to document the U.S.-led Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan's Shah i Kot Valley, air assaulting into the valley with the soldiers from the 101st Air Assault Division. He is currently co-writing a book and documentary on the operation commissioned by the U.S. Army's Foreign Military Studies Office. Billingsley also co-wrote, produced, and directed Immortal Fortress: A Look Inside Chechnya's Warrior Culture, a film that took him deep into the dangerous war-torn breakaway region of Chechnya to document the insurgent perspective. Prior to that, he produced numerous programs for the Discovery and History Channels that explored weapons and the changing nature of warfare. He is a past recipient of the MacArthur Foundation's Regional Security Travel Grant for his work in Abkhazia and has lectured on various security-related topics for the U.S. Army, Air Force and Navy, New York Military Association, and numerous academic institutes including Columbia University's Harriman Institute, King’s College London, Monterey Institute, the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Arizona, Air Force Academy, Mount Holyoke, Boston University, and the Kennedy Center at BYU. A frequent contributor to various defense and security related journals, including Jane's Intelligence Review, Journal of Electronic Defense, and the Harriman Review, his latest article, "Weaponizing the Story: Chechen and Russian Media Operations 1994 to the Present," will appear in the spring issue of the Harriman Review. Billingsley received a BA in history from Columbia University and an MA in war studies from King’s College Department of War Studies in London.

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