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Joseph S. Tuman is Professor of Political and Legal Communications in the Department of Communication Studies at San Francisco State University, where he has taught and researched for twenty years.

Having published extensively in the field of political and legal communications, his work includes books such as the critically acclaimed Communicating Terror: The Rhetorical Dimensions of Terrorism (Sage Publications, 2003), and Freedom of Speech in the Marketplace of Ideas (St. Martin's Press, 1997, co-authored with Doug Fraleigh), as well as a large number of articles published in national and international scholarly journals. His newest book is Political Communications in American Campaigns (Sage).

2 Programs

Politics of Language: George Lakoff

08.03.09 | 01:05:16 min | 16 comments

How Candidates and Elections Are Sold to Us

01.28.08 | 01:04:17 min | 3 comments