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Joe Aldy's research addresses questions about climate change policy, mortality risk valuation (value of statistical life), energy subsidies to low-income households, and energy policy. He has studied the design of international climate change policy architectures; the costs, effectiveness, and principles of emissions trading programs and other mitigation policies; and the relationship between economic development and greenhouse gas emissions. His research on mortality risk valuation focuses on how individuals' willingness to pay to reduce such risk varies over their lifetime. He has also evaluated how heating subsidies to low-income households can mitigate the effects of wintertime weather and energy price shocks on mortality among the elderly. Aldy is the Co-Director of the Harvard Project on International Climate Agreements and the Co-Director of the International Energy Workshop. He is an invited contributor to the American Meteorological Society's Climate Policy blog. Aldy served on the staff of the President's Council of Economic Advisers from 1997 to 2000, where he was responsible for an array of environmental and resource issues. While there, he focused on climate change policy, air quality regulations, petroleum markets, electricity restructuring, hazardous waste policy, environmental issues in China, and sustainable development. Aldy participated in bi-lateral and multi-lateral conferences and meetings on climate policy in Argentina, Bolivia, China, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Korea, Israel, Mexico, and Uzbekistan, including COP-4, COP-5, the OECD, and the IEA. He holds a PhD in economics from Harvard University, a MEM from the Nicholas School of the Environment, and a BA from Duke University.

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Strategies for Post-2012 Global Climate Policy

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