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John Dean was White House Counsel to President Richard Nixon and became deeply involved in events leading up to the Watergate burglaries and the subsequent Watergate scandal cover-up. Despite his initial involvement, Dean became a key witness for the prosecution and was the first administration official to accuse Nixon of direct involvement with Watergate and the resulting cover-up. His accusations were confirmed when the secret White House tape recordings were made public. Dean's cooperation with the investigation led to a reduction in his prison time.

But for Dean blowing the whistle on Nixon's misdeeds it is highly questionable whether the Watergate scandal would have resulted in Nixon's resignation.

4 Programs

Whistle-Blowers: A Conversation with Ellsberg and Dean

09.15.09 | 01:51:52 min | 5 comments

Robert Scheer in Conversation with John Dean

06.12.08 | 01:08:53 min | 1 comment

John Dean: Broken Government

10.01.07 | 01:06:21 min | 0 comments

John Dean: Conservatives Without Conscience

07.28.06 | 01:20:31 min | 3 comments