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Charles Komanoff is widely known for his work as an energy-policy analyst, transport economist and environmental activist in New York City. He "re-founded" NYC's bike-advocacy group Transportation Alternatives in the 1980s, co-founded the pedestrian-rights group Right Of Way in the 1990s, and wrote or edited the landmark reports Subsidies for Traffic, The Bicycle Blueprint, and Killed By Automobile.

Earlier, Komanoff gained prominence for deconstructing the disastrous economics of nuclear power as author-researcher and expert witness for states and municipalities across the U.S.

2 Programs

Economics of Climate Change: An International Conference

04.10.10 | 01:25:40 min | 0 comments

Taxing Egalitarianism? The Congestion Pricing Debate

12.10.07 | 01:56:22 min | 0 comments