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Dan Crippen, an economist and health policy expert, is a Former Director of the Congressional Budget Office. He also served in senior positions in the White House and Senate, including as Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy during the Reagan administration, and is a specialist in issues relating to the federal budget, health care and retirement. In 2003, after four years of leadership at the Congressional Budget Office, Dr. Crippen stepped down and became a consultant for healthcare providers, including developers of cardiac devices and bio-engineered pharmaceuticals. He serves on several boards of companies in the health care industry as well as on the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and the CBO Panel of Economic Advisors. In addition, Dr. Crippen chairs the Quadrennial Social Security Technical Advisory Panel, reviewing the work of Social Security actuaries. He received his master's and PhD from Ohio State University.

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Easing the Burden: Healthcare Costs

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