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Irving L. Weissman is Karel and Avice Beekhuis Professor of Cancer Biology at Stanford University, where he also serves as Director of both the Comprehensive Cancer Center and Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Weissman was the first to isolate an adult stem cell in 1988 when he isolated a blood-forming stem cell in mice. He later isolated the blood-forming stem cell in humans, the human neuronal stem cell, and more recently the leukemia stem cell in a type of human myeloid leukemia.

His recent focus has been the purification, biology, transplantation and evolution of stem cells. He was a founding member of the Amgen, DNAX, and T-Cell Sciences scientific advisory boards and has received the Kovalenko Medal of the National Academy of Sciences, the De Villiers Award of the Leukemia Society of America and the 2002 California Scientist of the Year from the California Science Center.

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