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Fernando Betancourt has been the Executive Director of the State of Connecticut Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission since Sep­tember 1995. He was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico. Mr. Betancourt studied at the University of Puerto Rico School of Social Sciences and School of Law. Mr. Betancourt also holds a Certificate in Non-Profit Management from the Hartford Graduate Center. He has done legal and legislative research in the Connecticut and Puerto Rican Legislatures as well as in the United States Congress. As the Executive Director of the State of Connecticut Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission he develops and recommends public policy as it affects the Latino and Puerto Rican communities throughout Connecticut to the Executive and Legislative branches of State government. He testifies at legislative committees on various issues regarding the status of disenfranchised minorities. He is outspoken and well versed on the rights of Puerto Ricans and Latinos in the State. Some issues on which his expertise is particularly valued include: welfare and welfare reform, racism, housing rights, Puerto Rico's political history and status, the AIDS epidemic and services, civil rights, language rights, voting rights, discrimination by gender, sexual orientation and national origin, bilingual education, and campaign finance reform. Fernando has worked as a consultant in the fields of health, culture, politics and diversity. He has been trained as trainer by the PARENT LEADERSHIP TRAINING INSTITUTE to deliver the segment on public policy and empowerment. He has also contributed as a regular Columnist and Political Analyst for the newspaper La Voz Hispana and other radio and TV stations covering the Latino community.

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The Future Status of Puerto Rico

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