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Ali Alyami is the executive director of the Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia. Prior to founding CDHR, Dr. Alyami served as a Senior Fellow at the Saudi Institute in Washington, D.C., as the Director of the educational peace program for the American Friends Service Committee in San Francisco, and as a Representative for the Arab Organization for Human Rights (a Cairo-based group) in North America. He has spoken at conferences throughout the U.S., Egypt, Sudan, Israel, and London. Dr. Alyami has offered expert testimony before Congress, and has advised senior officials at the Pentagon, National Security Counsel, and Department of State. He has a Ph.D. in Government and Diplomacy from Claremont Graduate University, a Master’s in International Relations a Bachelor’s in Political Science from California State University. He is also fluent in Arabic.

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The State of Reform in Saudi Arabia

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