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Michael Gold has over 20 years experience as a research engineer and industry analyst for SRI Consulting Business Intelligence and its predecessor organization, the former Stanford Research Institute. He has consulted extensively for the world's largest consumer-electronics manufacturers, copyright owners, and service providers regarding the development of digital video technology, interactive multimedia, and mobile communications. Mr. Gold is also on the staff of SRIC-BI's Virtual Worlds Consortium, a multi-client research program that focuses on the commercialization of 3D simulations for games, social networking, and business collaboration. In addition to industry knowledge, he also applies SRI's pioneering psychographic segmentation system, known as VALS, which takes advantage of extensive longitudinal surveys to categorize audiences in terms of their psychological distinctions and their early-adopter behaviors, not just demographic profiles as are the norm in media planning. His background in both R&D and applications of survey research provides a unique vantage point for providing guidance to decision makers regarding future trends in content, commerce, and commercial advertising. Mr. Gold is also an amateur musician and has maintained a lifelong interest in the humanities.

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TV 2.0: Content in a Multimedia World

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