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Pablos is a futurist, inventor, security expert, and notorious hacker with a unique view into both breaking and building new technologies. At Komposite, he consults on invention and design projects that assimilate new technologies - making wild ideas a bit more practical and vice versa. Previously, Pablos helped build the world's smallest PC; spaceships at Blue Origin; and artificial intelligence agent systems. He is a member of The Shmoo Group of security experts, and helped create the Hackerbot, a WiFi-seeking robot.

By day, Pablos is working at the Intellectual Ventures Laboratory where a wide variety of futuristic invention projects are under way including a fission reactor powered by nuclear waste; a machine to stop hurricanes; a system to reverse global warming; and tools to help eradicate malaria. By night, Pablos is a highly sought after speaker for events all over the world.

Relating the unique mindset and powers of hackers to all aspects of invention and innovation, he terrifies and delights all audiences.

2 Programs

The Art of Innovation from the Hacker's Perspective

04.14.10 | 00:36:25 min | 3 comments

Implementing Science Fiction

09.27.07 | 00:32:42 min | 3 comments