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David Perks has taught in state schools for over 20 years and is a passionate defender of academic science education. His critique of the new school science curriculum published in What is science education for? provoked the front page headline in The Times - Science elite rejects new GCSE as 'fit for the pub'. David writes more broadly on education and the relationship between science and society. His interests range from environmentalism to intelligent design. David originated the Institute of Ideas and Pfizer Debating Matters sixth form debating competition

3 Programs

Battle of Ideas: Debating Darwin

10.28.07 | 00:54:22 min | 33 comments

Battle of Ideas: My Brain Made Me Do It

10.28.07 | 01:34:45 min | 0 comments

Battle of Ideas: Particle Physics Is Sexy

10.28.07 | 00:43:02 min | 2 comments