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Amb. Peter W. Galbraith, one of America's leading authorities on Iraq, has been in Iraq many times over the last twenty-one years during historic turning points for the country: the Iraq-Iran War, the Kurdish genocide, the 1991 uprising, the immediate aftermath of the 2003 war, and the writing of Iraq's constitutions. In his new book, The End of Iraq, he offers many firsthand observations of the men who are now Iraq's leaders. He draws on his nearly two decades of involvement in Iraq policy working for the U.S. government to appraise what has occurred and what will happen. The End of Iraq describes America's failed strategy toward that country and what must be done now.

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Peter Galbraith in Conversation with Mike Shuster

10.07.08 | 01:02:31 min | 1 comment

Peter W. Galbraith: From Turkey to Iran

10.06.08 | 01:10:46 min | 2 comments

The End of Iraq

10.19.06 | 01:33:37 min | 0 comments

Peter Galbraith

07.18.06 | 01:04:45 min | 3 comments