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Bruce Clark is currently the international security editor of The Economist, he is better known for as the author of Twice A Stranger: How Mass Expulsion Forged Modern Greece and Turkey. It concerns the population exchange between Greece and Turkey which took place in the early 1920s, following the Treaty of Lausanne. It’s believed that his key motive for the writing, was brought about by his understanding of religious and ethnic segregation through his childhood in Northern Ireland, allowing him to empathise and comprehend the situation and the causes. For this book, he won the Runciman Prize in 2007. Son of a Northern Irish businessman, he was educated at Shrewsbury School where he excelled in academics particularly in Classics. He went on to study, Philosophy, Politics and Economics ,PPE. He often anonymously writes articles for The Economist specialising on religion or defence.

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A Troubling History of Ethnic Conflict

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