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Sherle R. Schwenninger directs the New America Foundation's Economic Growth and American Strategy Programs. He is also founding director of the World Economic Roundtable, a program that brings together thought leaders from business, finance, and public policy in regular meetings to remap the global economy after the Great Recession. One of the founders of New America, he served as treasurer from 1999 to 2007 and also as director of the Bernard L. Schwartz Fellows Program.

5 Programs

Unspoken Forces Shaping Our Economy

04.23.15 | 00:30:55 min | 0 comments

A Global Economic Outlook

03.18.14 | 00:45:05 min | 0 comments

Good Debt, Bad Debt & Real Options for Economic Growth

03.13.13 | 00:58:31 min | 0 comments

Illusions and Delusions About the U.S. Economic Picture

04.02.08 | 01:27:14 min | 0 comments

Ten Big Ideas for a New America

01.31.07 | 02:19:56 min | 1 comment